Hannam Univ.-China Global Business Insight

Chinese Corporate networking and Benchmarking / Explore items and foster global creative talent
Signed MOU with Chinese Corporate / Chinese corporate, Univ. visits and cultural experiences

Jeonju univ.–Vietnam Fashion Design industry Field Trip Program

Two visits in 2017 and 2018 / Cultivation of practical skills
Vietnamese Textile, Fashion related institutes, university , corporate visit / selection of best practices for on-campus study abroad programs

Korea-Vietnam Material & Components Industry Expert training program, MOTIE

Course of Policy in 2016 / course of policy in 2017
Course of technology valuation in 2016 / check process of SME

Construction training of professional personnel, LGED, Bangladesh

Rural road management in coastal region training program
Construction technique for grand bridge training program
Construction and maintenance of rural/feeder roads

Innovative Approaches in Primary education, MOPME, Bangladesh

Improvement way of primary education
Introduction and discussion of primary education

Approaches for expatriate workforce management, MOEWOE, Bangladesh

Course of policy
Management of expatriate resources
Training program of improvement for expatriate workforce

Establishment and management of Tanzania food processing R&D center, MOTIE, Korea-Tanzania

Project planning and feasibility study of establishing food processing R&D center
Food processing professional training program
Carrying forward technology cooperation between Korea-Tanzania

Study Tour Program for Ministry of Commerce in Korea, MOC, Bangladesh

2 Study tour of manufacturing company for electronics(Seoul, Busan)
Introduction and meeting about Korea molding skill and how to building way to cooperation between Korea-Bangladesh
Tour of Korea R&D institute(in Gov. agency) on new technology of materials
Cultural experience in Seoul and Busan

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