Technology Valuation

Ⅰ. Definition

The term "technology evaluation" means the expression of economic value of any technology, which may be generated through commercialization, in the form of a value, grade, point, etc


Ⅱ. Object of Valuation

Objective Specific Usage
Transaction / Deal Pricing technology & tech. based license
Financing IR & Attachment of security interest of tech.
Investment in kind Investment in technology & Intellectual property
Strategy Promoting corporate valuation, Commercialization technology, spin-off
Bankruptcy Establishment of asset valuation following bankruptcy or restructuring of and enterprise
litigation infringement of intellectual property, default or other disputes
Tax Establishing a tax plan and paying taxes for the donation, disposal, and amortization of technology
Others Exception Initial Public Offering

※ MOTIE, Korea, Operating guide of technology valuation standard(2014.06.18.)

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