CEO’s Message

Korea Valuation Association(KVA) that was founded by valuation experts has been conducting various training programs and research activities since 2000.

Moreover, Valuation and Commercialization of technology are becoming more important in the 21st century. By 2020, KVA has continuously trained up persons related to valuation and commercialization related to technology.

There are disputes in global tech. competition and patent conflicts intensified in 21st century.
In order to promote the association's education and exchange of members, we have established the Lifelong training center (KVA Academy) and seminar rooms to ensure stable and continuous education and exchange activities. In addition, the Lifelong Education Center was established in 2017 to prepare education for the general public to develop understanding and insight into basic technological changes so that they can respond to rapid changes in technology environment.

In the meantime, the association has developed with your support, so for further development, we will try to help you in your activities. Thank you.