Consulting service of tech.

In order to support and revitalize technology commercialization, Korea Valuation Association provides various support for single-person creative companies, start-up, SMEs, Venture Companies with technology commercialization coordinators(TCC, the expert recognized by KVA).
The association is contributing to the revitalization of technology commercialization by opening class of coordinator& consultant and consulting/mentoring business.

Ⅰ. Definition

The term "commercialization" means the process by which products are developed, produced or sold using technology, or the improvement of technology related to such process


Ⅱ. Programs Training Course(Technology Commercialization Coordinators)

Supporting the training process of experts through basic knowledge and practice on technology commercialization for the successful operation of technology commercialization and technology start-ups (technical commercialization-entrepreneurial spirit-patented technical information-market analysis-strategic-case study-IR/IPO-M&A-BM-special lecture)


Implement customized support by matching experts in related fields such as technology commercialization idea development, business model (BM), business structure analysis, IP application and management, business plan preparation, technology marketing, NPD, entrepreneurship, technology licensing, technology value assessment, VC investment linkage, corporate growth strategy, IPO and IR