Technology Commercialization Coordinator (TCC)

Ⅰ. Brief information

A expert with capabilities in the overall technology commercialization. The coordinator deal with technology transfer and commercialization as main tasks. also, has capabilities such as project feasibility study, economic feasibility study, and negotiation for technology transactions in detail.

Ⅱ. objectives

  • ① Enhancement of professional’s mindset in related industries(tech. commercialization)
  • ② Strengthen Practical capabilities of person in charge
  • ③ Training flexible expert for the business with sustainable development and continuous growth

Ⅲ. program feature

  • ① Harmonization of theory and practice; providing “Theories and cases of technology commercialization”(text book), PPT material, work-book
  • ② Training of technology commercialization professionals whose social demand continues to increase;
  • ③ Development of basic knowledge in practice for knowledge-based technology commercialization (technical transfer and transaction, M&A, creation of intel-ectual property, etc.)
  • ④ Presenting practical strategies for preparing and utilizing business plans for the creation of new projects;

※ Participants: roughly 3,500 people
People with Certificate: roughly 2,000 people

  • TEL +82-2-582-5971