Korea Certified Valuation Analyst (KCVA)

Ⅰ. Brief information

The valuation expert of technology and companies based on technology to convert the monetary value. To meet fair monetary valuation or royalty, they have duties on determine approach methods(income-, market-, cost-). Also, various factors are converted to find the present value.

Ⅱ. objectives

  • ① Promoting technology transaction and commercialization
  • ② Encouraging investment of venture companies and Supporting M&A
  • ③ Assessment Feasibility study of tech-business and training experts in related to technology field.

Ⅲ. program feature

  • ① experts training program consisting harmoniously of Theoretical and practical contents regarding valuation.
  • ② systematic program (Pre-education → regular program – pass the exam – practical exercise)
  • ③ Providing experts contents(Checklist, Excel template, Workbook) for attending participants

※ Participants: roughly 8,000 people
People with Certificate: roughly 37,000 people

  • TEL +82-2-582-5971