International Certified Valuation Specialist (ICVS)

Ⅰ. Brief information

International Certified Valuation Specialist (ICVS) is a valuation professional training course operated by the International Valuation Association (IACVS) and is trained and operated by an IACVS-certified international Lecturer. Mainly, They deal with almost of valuation(technology, business, intangible asset and related to valuation so on). Throughout getting certificate, you have chances of attending seminar, conference, event of IACVS as a member of IACVS.

Ⅱ. objectives

  • ① Promotion of international transactions through the training of experts in valuation by international standards, regulations, and principles
  • ② Train internationally certified valuation experts and participate in the International Value Assessment Network
  • ③ Building trust in the domestic valuation market, M&A and investment market through the training of internationally certified valuation experts.
  • Fostering leadership-level experts who will lead the domestic valuation market from a long-term perspective

※ Participants: roughly 240 people
People with Certificate: roughly 80 people

  • TEL +82-2-582-5971