Business Model Consultant (BMC)

Ⅰ. Brief information

As one of the experts related to technology commercialization, They shall seek innovation and improvement of the business model by analyzing and identifying the current management situation, etc. In particular, it contributes to the growth of businesses by quickly finding complementary points and presenting practical strategies through improvement cases and business analysis tools. Furthermore, it has a positive impact on IR and management strategy by preparing a business plan.

Ⅱ. objectives

  • ① Strengthen BM composition and coaching capabilities using expertise and train experts with BM innovation capabilities
  • ② Strengthen BM utilization capabilities through learning and practicing various BMs
  • ③ Reinforcement of technical commercialization skills of universities, research institutes, and general enterprise personnel

Ⅲ. program feature

  • ① PBL learning using various BM theory learning and practice (case study, work-book)
  • ② Cultivate practical knowledge for knowledge-based start-ups
  • ③ Presentation of practical strategies for the preparation and utilization of business plans using BM

※ Participants: roughly 230 people
People with Certificate: roughly 200 people

  • TEL +82-2-582-5971