Enterprise valuation

Ⅰ. Definition

Consists of the sum of tangible and intangible assets (intellectual capital) held by the entity


Classification Method Brief concept
Enterprise Value Asset based valuation asset value liquidated value valuation based on liqudation value price
book value valuation based on book value price
market value Valuation of the Market price
income value DCF Model(Discounted Cash Flow) discounted valuation of FCF including forecast value
EVA model(Economic Value Added) Discounted valuation of EVA including forecast value
DDM(Diviended discount model) Discounted valuation including forecast Diviended cash flow
RIM(Residual Income Model) Discounted valuation including forecase Residual income
Enterprise Value Asset based valuation Mixed Value Instrinsic value Mixed value of asset value and income value
Taxes valuation
Price mthultiple PER Price Earing Ratio -
PSR PriceSales Ration
PBR Price Book-value Ratio
EV/EBIT Enterprice/Earing Before Inrest, Taxes
EV/EBITDA Enterprise vlaue/Earing Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization
EV/EBITA EV/Earing Before Intersts, Amortization
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